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This tangy masterpiece is sure to replace your current brand, even if you been loyal your entire life! Use on grilled shrimp, wraps, smoked sausage, or let your imagination flow. The truth is: we haven’t found anything it’s not good with. Our eye-catching labels and packaging also make it a great housewarming gift or addition to any gift basket!


Red River Gourmet Advantages:

• All of our products contain top-quality raspberries and seasonings, have been taste-tested with high consumer acceptance, are all natural, and contain no preservatives.

• Vs. competitive raspberry-based grilling sauces and salsas, our products have:

  • Better taste

  • Better texture

  • Raspberries as one of top ingredients

Ingredients: Mustard, water, raspberries, tomato paste, sugar, vinegar, molasses, onion powder, natural hickory smoke flavor, salt, cayenne pepper, corn syrup, caramel color, garlic, natural flavors, anchovies, tamarind, dextrin.

Mild Raspberry Mustard

SKU: 30387
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